A combination of traditional investment forms and a modern user background provides a secure foundation to our system. By acquainting yourself with a special user interface, you will be able to create your own precious metal deposit account in just few minutes, from everywhere in the world.

A central element of our strategy is the user-friendly GoldMine® platform, where security and rapidity are key factors in every aspect. Registration and submitting your first order via user interface will be made in just 4 steps. As a customer you will have the possibility to manage your own precious metal deposits and enter new orders on a 24/7 basis.

Our electronic confirmation system keeps you continually posted on the current state of your precious metal depot, providing information from the first steps of registration via e-mail as well as via SMS.

Registration and placing of your first order takes just a few minutes. Try it yourself and you will be convinced!



Through GoldMine® you may access your own gold depot from anywhere in the world. You may enjoy the advantages of our professional and full range service 24/7.

Due to the transparently designed and professionally, but user-friendly constructed surfaces our customers can comfortably place orders via internet. If necessary, we provide safe and cost-effective solutions for storage as well as for the delivery of the purchased precious metals. Our partners specialized in safe storage and delivery, guaranteeing customer tailored professional logistics solutions at any time.

Whether lump sum investment or savings program, our customers have continuous, comfortable access to their precious metal depot.



Security is one of the key aspects in precious metal investments process. We strive for the highest level of security regarding customer data, with special regard to the protection of the precious metal depot. This aspect will also be considered in the choice of our suppliers.

The precious metal stocks of our customers will be stored in specialized and internationally active provider’s safes, among others in the Vienna Center of LOOMIS. LOOMIS offers comprehensive solutions in the market segment of professional precious metal management, with customers within the banking sector, the retail industry and the government sector. LOOMIS is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, and is proud of its 150-year old history. Loomis operates in 16 countries and has 20,000 employees in almost 400 branch offices.

Stored gold is protected by extraordinarily strong security arrangements and is insured at full value. On top of the high security the cost-efficient storage is also advantageous for our clients.


Nowadays, transparency is considered to be one of the most important requirements for a professional service and long-term customer relationship. Our offer is characterized by a transparent structure of expenses as well as by continuous availability and traceability of all the relevant data for the customers.

After registering, our customers can keep track of balance and all transactions with utmost accuracy on their depot account, containing all the relevant information. When ordering all costs incurred are displayed and calculated with precision.



A provider is expected to represent the interests of the customers and to proceed with the utmost care when processing transactions, as he would for himself. This is especially the case when it is the assets of a customer at stake.

We are deeply aware of the values entrusted to us by our customers and manage those with the highest possible diligence and precision.



Precious metal rates are changing permanently. Our GoldMine® platform enables management of the precious metal depot according to current prices. Thus, our customers may follow the world price movements easily and place orders based on current prices.

Client-focused services

Our services embody an outstanding answer to the most wide-ranging customer needs. We offer professional solutions for anyone who wants to buy gold – either in the form of lump sum investments or a long-term savings program. In the case of lump sum investments we offer a number of options. The customer may initiate a sum based investment order or place a bar unit order. In both cases our customers enjoy the benefits of the settlement with real time calculated prices, making it possible to plan their further investments accurately.

Our precious metal savings program provides a comprehensive, user-friendly and flexible solution for customers who intend to buy precious metal regularly and in smaller amounts.

Experience and quality

The perfect combination consisting of the best products and state-of-the-art technology is topped off by professional management. Our company is part of a larger company group that has been present for many years in the area of financial services through its numerous enterprises. The management of Goldato consists of experienced specialists bringing decades of experience as a provider on the stock market as well as in the segment of professional customer services. Goldato sells exclusively LBMA qualified gold bars.

We aim to ensure the same qualitative warranty in physical precious metal investments as represented in the area of financial services, providing the highest service standards for our customers.