Golden rules

Good Delivery bars

Good Delivery bars weigh 400 ounces; for that reason, smaller bars are sold with a surcharge compared to the London Fix price of standard bars. The smaller the bars, the higher the surcharge, which is why it is better value depending on your financial means to buy a bigger bar. The repurchase price the customer can sell his gold bar for is close to the London fixing in an optimal case, independent of the bar size. Before buying investment gold it is worth considering carefully the bar sizes you would like to sell in the future from your gold stock. In the case of re-exchange, the qualification of the gold bar manufacturer is important. Gold bars produced by LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) members are accepted and traded everywhere in the world, without a difficult and expensive inspection and qualification process. Buy gold with Good Delivery status!

Gold investment

Gold investments are considered nowadays to be an outstanding solution for bringing security into a portfolio, balancing the effects of inflation. It maintains the value of our assets in the long term. By purchasing gold stock unexpected expenses can be covered, a form of gold reserve can be built. Furthermore, gold as a gift is also ideal.

Speculative gold and silver purchases are, however, not recommended. For those wishing to make short-term profits it is better to gather information on the “paper gold” market and to invest in certificates.

Safety and credibility

Today numerous companies are involved in precious metal trading; before making a decision it is necessary to obtain a thorough overview of the market. It is worth investing the time to choose a reliable provider, who treats client’s security and precious metal’s and services’ quality with a high priority. A determining factor is the credibility of the sales partner and its products. The provider’s experience on the money and stock markets, its cooperation partners as well as qualification of gold bar manufacturers are all important factors in making your decision.

Gold-linked products

Gold will be purchased for many reasons: is especially ideal for investment purposes or even as a gift. Suppliers are prepared for the most demanding client’s requirements. As a result, companies maintain a rich product portfolio, containing not only different sizes of gold and silver bars but individually tailored products: e.g. within a savings program. The majority of suppliers offer gold-linked products; gold programs with insurance products. In this case, the price of precious metal is difficult to follow and often it is necessary to pay a significant surcharge. Purchase gold-linked products only if you need both products.

Promotions and discounts

Gold will be traded round the clock; it’s buy & sell price change following the gold market. The rates will be influenced by different world economic and geopolitical events, by the prices of other raw materials and the US Dollar rate. There is only a finite amount of gold in the world and gold cannot be artificially created. That’s why the world gold market is liquid and there is no reason to sell gold under the market price. Be cautious with traders who often offer a discount of 5-6 % compared to the London price.

Additional costs

Precious metal investors have to expect certain additional costs, depending on required services. Choose a provider who not only publishes transparently the precious metal prices but also the fees for delivery or storage, in certain cases for account management as well as fixed and variable transaction costs. The amount as well as the billing date have to be also considered. There are several providers offering secure delivery and storage, inform yourself in a timely fashion about the terms.

Professional storage

Precious metals can be stored at home or in professional vaults. Be cautious regarding storage, because gold concentrates high value into a small place and can be sold – unlike credit cards – at any time and without a security code. Bank vaults and vaults of companies specialized in cash management services ensure more safety than storage at home. Larger gold dealers offer professional storage solutions through their specialized and international partners – banks and internationally active companies specialized in cash management – at affordable prices. Stored precious metal stocks are insured up to the full value at risk.

Keeping track of sales

In the era of the internet there are also providers offering a transparent and safe way of precious metal purchases. There are, however, large differences in the quality of service provided. It is worth choosing a company where you can precisely keep track of the purchase as well as the further orders. Always remember: delivery of bullions of guaranteed quality can take 1-3 weeks, depending on logistic solutions of provider. Caution is required when bars are offered for immediate delivery, with no restrictions.