GoldMine® Platform
A proprietary, online precious metal management and transactions software with a state of the art client interface and a precise system with data recording program that ensures smooth running and administration of services, that are delivered to clients.

GoldMine® Online Banking
The client registers online through the distribution partner’s interface into the GoldMine®, then opens a lump sum investments or a savings depot. The system allows hereafter a continuous access that enables clients to flexibly manage their accounts.

The secure and user-friendly gate system guarantees exclusive access to the client account to authorized users. Similar to other online banking systems, the GoldMine® system provides the client code required to registration via e-mail as well as via SMS. Furthermore, all orders can be placed solely with the so-called TAN (transaction) code sent by SMS to the client’s mobile phone. All the data will be forwarded via a secure HTTPS channel.

GoldMine® Partner Network
Ensures online access to relevant data for the trading partner, for insight and maintenance.

GoldMine® White Label System
The „White Label” trading interface is adjusted to meet the requirements of the distribution partner, for example for logo and colors.

GoldMine® Demo
A highly effective and flexible training interface for all system users, also including the staff of trading partners.

Through the demo system the user may acquaint themselves with simple management of the user interface. It is easy to pick up the process of registration, of first as well as further orders, purchase, delivery, money transfers, and opening a new precious metal depot.

GoldMine® Assistance
Technical support by phone for clients and sales representatives.